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       Shenyang Taike Fluid Control Co. Ltd is a large worldwide company integrating valve production and development, completed mechanical equipment design, manufacture, installation, sales and service and located in the beautiful exporting process area. Taike full-welded ball valve meets the demand of the customers with its high quality and quick supply capacity.

Taike valve launches its main product of fully welded ball valve with international advanced producing process and technique and international quality assurance and control procedure and advanced producing and operation management. Our valve products are widely applied in countries and regions like. Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and china etc.Main products of fully welded ball valves, underground fully welded ball valves,relief ball valves and natural gas ball valves with diameter of DN15-DN1200 and operating pressure of 1.0MPa~6.4MPa and operating temperature of -196℃~550℃ are available currently. Materials: carbon steel, alloy steel,heat resistant steel, stainless steel; operational methods: manual, with gear, electrical.hydraulic and automatic etc.Main products are comply with relevant technical standards in different regions and countries, such as, ANSI, API, EN, BS,DIN, ASME and ISO etc, which are applied in various industries of petroleum,chemical in ustry,natural gas,thermal, ship industry, electricity, pharmacy, food , military and construction engineering etc.

Inherting with operational spirit of “surviving with quality,developing with innovation and serving clients with in tegrity” and managing system of client resources are fully implemented with advanced and sufficient processing equipment and process and complete detecting measures and quality assurance system. All materials, suggestions and opinions from clients are classified, filed and answered carefully, and statistics and analysis are carried out regularly so as to stimulate establishment of new product information and product quality management. We are creating values for general consumers with the idea of zero distance service.

Taike valve will offer its top quality, competitive price and quick supply capacity to share the market both at home and abroad. With the specialized production, modernized management, rigorous style of work, extensive advanced experience of application and innovative product technology, Taike can provide the foreign and domestic clients with higher quality full-welded ball valves and better services. It is the target the people of Taike have been pursuing all the time to make the clients a maximized benefit.

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